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How long did it take you to complete this schedule?

Last updated 3 March 2016

We are committed to reducing the costs involved in complying with your tax obligations. Your response to this item will help us monitor these costs as closely as possible.

Write the number of hours it took you to prepare and complete your Business and professional items schedule for individuals 2012 at S on page 4 of your schedule.

When completing this item, consider the time, rounded up to the nearest hour, you spent:

  • reading the instructions
  • collecting the necessary information to complete this schedule
  • making any necessary calculations
  • completing the schedule, and
  • putting the tax affairs of your business in order so the information can be handed to your tax agent.

Your answer should reflect the time your business spent preparing and completing your schedule and the time spent by your tax agent and any other person whose assistance you obtained.

If you are a tax agent preparing this schedule on behalf of your client, include your time and a reliable estimate of their time.