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Section 1A: How to complete the Capital gain or capital loss worksheet

Last updated 5 October 2009

The Capital gain or capital loss worksheet calculates a capital gain or capital loss for each separate CGT event. As explained in step 1, remember that:

  • you show the type of CGT asset or CGT event that resulted in the capital gain or capital loss
  • if a capital gain was made, you calculate it using:  
    •  the indexation method (see note 2 to the worksheet)
    • the discount method (see note 3 to the worksheet)
    • the 'other' method (if neither the indexation method nor the discount method applies).

When choosing between the indexation and discount methods, the amounts at (a) and (b) at the bottom of the worksheet do not yet reflect any capital losses or CGT discount you may be able to apply. This affects your choice of the amount to transfer to the CGT summary worksheet which you can use to calculate your net capital gain or net capital loss.