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Acquisition of a dwelling from a company or trust upon marriage breakdown

Last updated 20 April 2020

If a dwelling or an interest in a dwelling was transferred to you from a company or trustee of a trust as a result of your marriage breakdown, and marriage breakdown rollover applied to the transfer, you are treated as having owned the dwelling while it was owned by the company or trustee. However, you cannot get the main residence exemption during any part of the period that the company or trustee owned it (even if you lived in the dwelling during that time).

Therefore, if a dwelling is transferred to you by a company or trustee as a result of your marriage breakdown, you will be entitled to the exemption only for the period after it was transferred when it was your main residence. You calculate this by dividing the period after the transfer that it was your main residence by the combined period you and the company or trustee owned it.

For more information about CGT assets and marriage breakdown, see chapter 8.