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Takeovers and mergers

Last updated 5 October 2009

If a company in which you held shares was taken over and you received new shares in the takeover company, you may be entitled to scrip-for-scrip rollover for any capital gain you made. This means you can defer your capital gain until a later CGT event happens to your shares. Usually, the takeover company would advise you if the scrip-for-scrip rollover conditions were satisfied.

If you also received some cash from the takeover company you only get rollover on the proportion of the original shares for which you received shares in the takeover company.

You will need to apportion the cost base of the original shares between the replacement shares and the cash.

If the scrip-for-scrip conditions were not satisfied, your capital proceeds for your original shares will be the total of any cash and the market value of the new shares you received.

Scrip-for-scrip rollover may also be available to the extent that units in a managed fund are exchanged for units in another managed fund.

For more information about takeovers and mergers, see Guide to capital gains tax 2005–06.