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Depreciation schedule 2001

If you are not a small business taxpayer and you have claimed a deduction of more than $1000 for depreciation, you will need to complete a depreciation schedule for 2001. NAT 4089-4.2001.

Last updated 18 June 2003

If you would prefer to read this document in portable document format (pdf), see Depreciation schedule 2001 and instructions (PDF, 130KB)This link will download a file


The Depreciation schedule provided here is for information purposes only. If you are required to lodge a paper schedule this must be on approved ATO stationery.

Photocopies, ELS paper schedules and copies of schedules downloaded from the ATO website are not approved ATO stationery and cannot be processed by our systems.

Tax practitioners can order approved ATO stationery through the ATO Publication Ordering Service.

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