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Claimable expenses

Last updated 3 December 2005

Expenses you may be able to claim include:

  • advertising for tenants
  • bank charges
  • body corporate fees
  • cleaning
  • council rates
  • electricity and gas
  • gardening and lawn mowing
  • in-house audio/ video service charges
  • insurance
    • building
    • contents
    • public liability
  • interest on loans
  • land tax
  • legal expenses
  • lease costs
    • preparation
    • registration
    • stamp duty
  • pest control
  • property agent's fees and commission
  • quantity surveyor's fees
  • repairs and maintenance
  • secretarial and bookkeeping fees
  • security patrol fees
  • servicing costs -for example, servicing a water heater
  • stationery and postage
  • telephone calls and rental
  • tax-related expenses
  • travel and car expenses
    • rent collection
    • inspection of property
    • maintenance of property
  • water charges.

You can claim a deduction for these expenses only if you actually incur them. Some of these deductions are examined in more detail on the following pages.

Borrowing expenses, decline in value of depreciating assets (previously known as depreciation) and capital works deductions (formerly special building write-off) may be deducted over a number of income years.