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S Closing account balance

Last updated 26 May 2021

Write at S the member’s account balance at 30 June 2021. If the member's closing account balance is zero or a negative amount, write 0 (zero) at S. To work out the member’s closing account balance at 30 June 2021:

  • add    
    • Opening account balance (at 1 July 2020)
    • N Total contributions
    • O Allocated earnings and losses (if the amount is positive)
    • P Inward rollovers and transfers
  • and then subtract    
    • O Allocated earnings and losses (if the amount is a loss)
    • Q Outward rollovers and transfers
    • R1 Lump sum payments
    • R2 Income stream payments.

If a member has multiple accounts, you should have combined them so that each member has only one statement in either section F or section G.

The amount you write at Closing account balance must also equal the sum of S1, S2 and S3.