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  • Related foreign companies


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    Under section 160AFB, an Australian company is treated as related to any number of linked foreign companies provided that:

    • each company in the chain - starting with the Australian company - has at least a 10% voting interest in the company in the tier below it, and
    • the Australian company has a direct or indirect interest of at least 5% in the voting shares of each foreign company that is a member of the chain.

    A chain of related companies cannot include a trust or partnership - that is, the chain will be broken by the interposition of a trust or partnership.

    Example 13: Related foreign companies

    Australian company A has a 50% voting interest in foreign company B, which in turn has a 10% voting interest in foreign company C. Both B and C will be treated as related to A.

    Step 1

    Are the companies members of the same group?

    Yes - each company in the chain, starting with the Australian company, has at least a 10% voting interest in the company in the tier below it.

    Step 2

    Does company A have a 5% or more direct or indirect voting interest?

    Yes - company A has a voting interest of 50% (50% × 100%) in company B and a voting interest of 5% (50% × 10%) in company C.

    Step 3

    Are the companies related?

    Yes - both tests are satisfied for both companies B and C. Therefore, they are both related to company A.

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