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  • PAYG payment summary – withholding where ABN not quoted

    When to use this form

    Use this form if you withhold from payments you make to suppliers (payees) who have not:

    • quoted an Australian business number (ABN) as required
    • provided a valid reason for not quoting an ABN via a Statement by a supplier (NAT 3346) form.

    Do not use this payment summary if you have withheld from payments that are:

    • amounts withheld from employment termination payments
    • to employees, company directors or office holders
    • under labour hire or other specified payment arrangements
    • under voluntary agreements to withhold
    • for amounts of personal services income attributed to an individual
    • for amounts withheld by investment bodies from payments of investment income.

    Do not include any amounts in the Taxable payments annual report (NAT 74109) that you have already included in the PAYG withholding where no ABN quoted – annual report (NAT 3448).

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    How to obtain this form

    You can:

    • download the PAYG payment summary – withholding where ABN not quoted (NAT 3283, PDF, 149KB)This link will download a file online and either
      • fill in the form on screen and print in A4 size
      • print the form in A4 size and fill it in by hand.
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