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    TaxPack is a print publication designed to help you to complete your individual income tax return. TaxPack is divided into two parts:

    • TaxPack with the tax return for individuals
    • TaxPack supplement with the tax return for individuals (supplementary section).

    To find out your options on completing and lodging your tax return read Guide to lodging your tax return.

    For information about whether you need to lodge a tax return, read:

    TaxPack 2009 and TaxPack 2009 supplement are available:

    • at most newsagents from 1 July to 31 October 2009
    • at our shopfronts, or
    • by downloading below.

    e-tax 2009 CD project

    For Tax Time 2009, deliveries of TaxPack and TaxPack supplement packages to Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania will be replaced with an e-tax 2009 CD mail pack. The CD will contain the e-tax 2009 software which can be easily installed onto a personal computer to prepare your tax return and then lodge online.

    E-tax from the Tax Office is the free tax return preparation software that ensures most refunds are issued in 14 days. By using encryption technology, e-tax ensures your details are secure during transmission over the internet. e-tax asks you simple questions to help you work through the answers to complete your tax return, and has calculators to help you get it right.

    E-tax gives you access to your individual information using the pre-filling service. You can download details of your income including salary and wages, government payments, interest and dividends and have e-tax pre-fill that information straight into your return. Pre-filling Information will be progressively available from July with most information available by mid August. You can also register for the alerts service in e-tax and we will let you know when more of your information becomes available.

    For more information or assistance with e-tax or the pre-filing service, go to E-tax essentials.

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