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  • Application for refund of franking credits 2017–18

    In the last week of June, a personalised refund application form is sent to organisations that applied for and received a refund of franking credits for the 2016–17 year. This includes the following organisations:

    • registered charities that are endorsed by us as exempt from income tax
    • entities endorsed by us as deductible gift recipients in their own right
    • entities that are deductible gift recipients listed by name in the tax law
    • relief funds declared by the Treasurer to be developing country relief funds
    • entities that are prescribed as exempt institutions and eligible for a refund under the regulations
    • an exempt institution eligible for a refund under an Australian Government law other than the income tax law.

    Complete the application in full and follow the instructions to avoid delays in processing your organisation's application.

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    Last modified: 20 Jun 2018QC 56054