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  • Introduction

    What is the baby bonus?



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    The baby bonus is an Australian government initiative helping families when they have a baby.

    Who is it for?

    If you had a baby or you gained legal responsibility of a child aged under 5 (for example, through adoption), after 30 June 2001 - whether or not you already have other children - you could receive the baby bonus.

    The baby bonus is paid whether or not you currently get any other family benefits. There is no upper limit on taxable income when getting the baby bonus.

    How much will you get?

    Many families will be entitled to an annual amount of $500, although this will be less in the first year, calculated from the baby's date of birth (or the date you gained legal responsibility). Some families will be entitled to a higher amount.

    How long will you keep getting the baby bonus?

    It depends on your own taxable income each year, but you could claim the baby bonus for one child at the end of each income year until your child turns 5. Most families will only ever claim for one child.

    How do you make a claim?

    Your baby bonus claim and any enquiries are dealt with by the Tax Office. There are 3 ways to make a claim:

    • Use e-tax and complete and lodge your claim over the Internet.
    • Use these instructions and the claim - then post your claim to the Tax Office with your tax return if you lodge one.
    • Go to a registered tax agent.

    Lodge your claim at the end of the income year - any time after 30 June 2002.

    Use e-tax and lodge your baby bonus claim over the Internet

    E-tax will help you to prepare your baby bonus claim easily, quickly and securely using the Internet. e-tax will ask you questions and complete your claim based on your answers. An estimate of your baby bonus amount will also be calculated for you. Most claims lodged using e-tax are processed within 14 days. Visit the Tax Office website at and lodge your baby bonus claim using e-tax. E-tax is available from 1 July 2002.


    All references made to year are to income year - 1 July to 30 June. For example, the income year 1 July 2000 to 30 June 2001 is 2001.

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