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  • All other expenses


    This information may not apply to the current year. Check the content carefully to ensure it is applicable to your circumstances.

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    Did you have any other business expenses?

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    You need to know

    This is the total of all other expenses which you incurred in deriving your profit or loss and which you have not already shown elsewhere at item P8. Other expenses include wages, accounting and professional fees, advertising, office supplies, foreign exchange (forex) losses and any loss on the sale of a depreciating asset as shown in your accounts.

    For more information about forex losses, visit our website or see question D15 in TaxPack 2006 supplement.

    You should also include capital and other non-deductible items (including debt deductions denied by thin capitalisation rules) shown here at H Expense reconciliation adjustments in the Reconciliation items section of item P8 on your schedule. See Income and expense reconciliation adjustments for more information.

    Home office expenses

    If part of your home was specifically set aside as your place of business and used solely for the purpose of conducting your business affairs and you had no other place from where they were mainly carried on, the following expenses are partly deductible:

    • occupancy expenses - including rent, mortgage interest, rates, and house and contents insurance
    • running expenses - including electricity, cleaning, depreciation, leasing charges and repairs to furniture and furnishings in the office.

    In most cases, you can apportion expenses on a floor area basis and, if the area of your home was a place of business for only part of the year, on a time basis.

    Where you used part of your home as a home office but it did not qualify as a place of business, only the additional running expenses you incurred may be deductible.

    For further details, see:

    Records you need to keep

    You should keep records to show how you have calculated your home office expenses. The ATO may ask you for these at a later date.

    Completing this item

    Step 1, Write your total 'other' primary production expenses at All other expenses in the Primary production column, item P8 on page 3 of your schedule. Do not show cents.

    Step 2, Write your total 'other' non-primary production expenses at All other expenses in the Non-primary production column.

    Step 3, Add up your 'other' primary production and 'other' non-primary production expenses and write the total at P item P8 on your schedule.

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