Section A: ESS provider details

The ESS provider is the entity that provides an employee share scheme to employees.

If you are supplying ESS information for more than one ESS provider, you must lodge a separate ESS annual report for each provider.

You must complete only one Section A within your annual report.

Annual report for year ended 30 June

Provide the financial year within which the ESS interests occurred. Report the year in which the financial year ends.

For example, if the ESS annual report is being lodged in August 2012 for ESS taxing events that occurred in the financial year 1 July 2011 to 30 June 2012, this field would be 2012.

You must complete a separate form for each financial year being reported.

The first report that you lodge with us for a financial year is referred to as your original report. Write 'X' in the 'Original' box if this is your first report that you lodge with us for the financial year.

If you need to amend details after the original ESS report has been lodged with us, see amending an ESS annual report.

Question 1

ESS provider's Australian business number (ABN)

Provide the ESS provider's current ABN.

If the ESS Provider is an overseas entity and does not have an ABN then report zero "0" in this field.

The ABN reported must correspond to the ESS provider's name at question 2.

Place an 'X' in the box provided if the provider does not have an ABN .

Question 2

ESS provider's name

Provide the ESS provider's name as it appears on the provider's ABN registration.

The ESS provider's name must correspond to the provider's ABN at question 1. This should be the name that appears on the provider's activity statements.

Question 3

ESS provider's address

Provide the ESS provider's postal address. If the ESS provider is an overseas entity then provide the relevant overseas address. This address will be used for any paper correspondence relating to this ESS annual report.

This form will not update registration information held by the ATO. To update name and address details, visit update your details.

Question 4

Contact name

Provide a name and contact details for the person to be contacted if we need to discuss any information provided in the ESS annual report.

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