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  • Superannuation interests



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    End of attention

    CGT rollover may apply if an interest in a small superannuation fund is subject to a payment split on the breakdown of a legal (but not a de facto) marriage and a CGT asset of a small superannuation fund is transferred to another small superannuation fund.

    A small superannuation fund is one that is a complying fund and has fewer than five members.

    The consequences of rollover are the same as for transfers between spouses.

    Main residence

    If the CGT asset transferred to you in a marriage breakdown rollover is your home, you may be entitled to an exemption from CGT for the period the home was your main residence. Special rules apply if the dwelling is transferred to you from a company or trust (see Acquisition of a dwelling from a company or trust upon marriage breakdown for more information).

    Last modified: 21 Apr 2020QC 18504