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    'Item 3 Status of company' labels from Company tax return 2011

    Item 3 requires an entity to select the most appropriate description of its status.

    You need to select one box from C1 to C3 and one box from D1 to D11.

    You may also need to select Z1 or Z2, and one box from E1 to E3.

    Common error: D1 to D11 incorrectly selected

    An incorrect box is selected from D1 to D11.

    Consequence of this error

    Marking an incorrect box may result in:

    • you not receiving a necessary service or material from us
    • you paying an incorrect tax rate
    • incorrect targeting of audits.


    Organisations that are 'Non-profit companies' should select D3 Non-profit.

    For administrative purposes, non-profit organisations that are 'Other taxable companies' should select D10 Public.

    Further information

    For more information on non-profit and other taxable companies, refer to Non-profit or other taxable company in our guide Mutuality and taxable income.

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    If your organisation is a non-profit company and a head company of a consolidated group you will need to select Z1 Consolidated head company.

    If your organisation is a non-profit company, it cannot be a subsidiary member of a consolidated group or a multiple entry consolidated (MEC) group. You cannot select Z2 Consolidated subsidiary member.

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