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    37432 Licensed clubs

    'Item 15 Licenced clubs only' label from Company tax return 2013

    Only licensed clubs need to complete this label.

    Write the percentage (in whole figures) of total income attributable to non-members at A Percentage of non-member income item 15.

    Common errors: percentage shown incorrectly or item left blank

    There are two main errors:

    • showing an incorrect percentage
    • not writing any percentage.

    Consequence of these errors

    Errors in item 15 could lead to your organisation:

    • paying an incorrect amount of tax
    • being inappropriately selected for audit.


    The percentage of non-member income is the total non-member income divided by the total income, multiplied by 100.

    The percentage entered at this item differs to the percentage calculated by the Waratahs formula where:

    • total income includes non-member income such as bank interest
    • more than one method of apportionment has been used.

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    Explanation of the Waratahs formula –Mutuality and taxable income

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