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  • People involved in the management of the business

    Question 5

    People who will manage or control the business to be licensed could include officers or directors of a company, or partners in a partnership.

    You need to include details of anyone who is responsible for daily decision-making or maintaining records on the:

    • quantity and description of goods stored
    • sale or disposal of the goods
    • movement of the goods – such as deliveries, receipt and dispatch.

    People in positions such as warehouse manager or production manager should also be included in this section.

    All the people you've included must complete a Fit and proper person declaration (NAT 74815) form. This will allow us to carry out background checks.

    Some of these individuals may also need to complete a Consent to criminal history record check form and provide the necessary identification documents. We'll let you know if anyone needs to complete this form once we've received your application.

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