• Section C Rental details

    You are required to complete all the details in this section only if you are a first-time applicant or have applied for a withholding variation previously and your rental details have changed since you last lodged.

    Note: If you are required to complete these items and you do not complete them, we will return your application to you.

    Percentage owned

    Joint tenants and tenants in common must divide the income and expenses in accordance with their legal interest in the property. With joint tenancy, each tenant holds an equal interest in the property. For example, if you and your spouse are the only names listed on the title deed and you are listed as joint tenants, show 50% at the percentage owned item. A partnership agreement, either oral or in writing, cannot change this.

    Section D Investment details

    Provide details of your investment.

    You must complete section D if you are applying for a variation using a reason code of 09, 16 or 17. You must also declare any deductions relating to this investment at F2.

    Last modified: 10 May 2016QC 21682