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    This information may not apply to the current year. Check the content carefully to ensure it is applicable to your circumstances.

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    Calculate your deductible council rates and write the amount in the boxes provided. Do not show cents


    Example 2: You have a property which you use for both private and rental purposes

    You own a house that contains a granny flat. For the whole of the year, you rent out the granny flat and live in the other part of the house yourself. You can claim deductions only for expenses that relate to the granny flat. For expenses that relate to the property as a whole -such as interest charged on a loan to acquire the property -you can claim the proportion that reasonably relates to the granny flat.

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    Example 3: You rent out your property for part of the year

    You can claim deductions only for expenses that relate to the period you rented the property out or had it available to rent. You cannot claim deductions for expenses for the whole of the year.

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    Example 4: You combine private travel with travel relating to your rental property

    You fly to have a holiday and also to inspect your rental property at the same place. You spend one day on matters relating to the rental property and nine days holidaying. Because the main purpose of the trip is the holiday, and the inspection of the property is incidental to that purpose, you cannot claim a deduction for the airfare. But you can claim expenses directly relating to the property inspection, such as taxi fares to get to the property and back to your hotel, and one-tenth of your accommodation expenses.

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