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  • Do I need the TaxPack supplement?



    This information may not apply to the current year. Check the content carefully to ensure it is applicable to your circumstances.

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    The majority of taxpayers can lodge their returns using TaxPack alone. You will also require the TaxPack supplement if you have:

    • income or a loss from    
      • a partnership or trust
      • personal services income
      • a business
      • a deferred non-commercial business loss
      • a net farm management deposit or withdrawal
      • a capital gain
      • a foreign entity
      • rent
      • a bonus from a life insurance company or friendly society
      • foreign sources, or foreign assets or property
      • certain other income, such as scholarships, royalties and benefits from an employee share scheme
    • deductions for    
      • project pool
      • investment in the Australian film industry
      • undeducted purchase price of a foreign pension or annuity
      • non-employer sponsored superannuation contributions
      • certain other deductions, such as election expenses, sickness and accident insurance premiums, and foreign exchange losses
    • tax offsets for    
      • superannuation contributions on behalf of your spouse
      • zone or overseas forces
      • net medical expenses over a specified limit
      • parent, spouse's parent or invalid relative
      • landcare and water facility
      • people in the simplified tax system (STS) or people who received a distribution from a partnership or trust that was in the STS
      • heritage conservation work
      • interest from the land transport facilities tax offset scheme or infrastructure borrowings scheme
      • work or services performed in the Joint Petroleum Development Area of the Timor Sea
    • credit for early payments or overpayments of tax
    • adjustments for amounts on which family trust distribution tax has been paid.


    If you are using TaxPack supplement, you must also use TaxPack to complete all of your tax return.

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