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End of attention


You can download TaxPack 2007 (4.5MB) in Portable Document Format (PDF).

TaxPack supplement

You can download TaxPack 2007 supplement (2.5MB) in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Retirees TaxPack

You can download TaxPack 2007 for retirees (2.8MB) in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Short tax return

Short tax return instructions 2007 (68 pages) [849kB]

Short tax return eligibility criteria (4 pages) [182kB]

Tax return forms and schedules

Tax return forms

Other schedules

You will need to complete this schedule with the Business and professional items schedule for individuals 2006-07 if you received any of the following:

  • Payment summary – voluntary agreement
  • Payment summary – withholding where ABN not quoted
  • Payment summary – labour hire and other specified payments
  • Payment summary – foreign resident withholding.
  • Family tax benefit (FTB) tax claim form instructions 2006-07 (NAT 4108-6.2007). The short and long claim forms to use if you wish to claim family tax benefit through the tax system.
  • Baby bonus instructions and claim 2006-07 (NAT 6580-6.2007). If you or your spouse had a baby or gained legal responsibility for a child aged under five years of age - for example, through adoption - on or after 1 July 2001 and before 1 July 2004, you may be entitled to claim the baby bonus.
  • Statutory declaration for payment summaries that are lost or destroyed.

Referred publications and rulings

Not everything can be covered in TaxPack. Sometimes, you will be referred to other publications that will help you to understand your tax obligations and complete your tax return. Some publications are essential to complete some items.

All the publications and rulings referred to in TaxPack are listed in TaxPack publications and rulings 2006-07.

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