• Self-education

    Private rulings and objections

    This page lists the documents and information we usually need to process private rulings and objections.

    Please send the following documents and information with your:

    Disregard the documents and information on this page that you have previously provided.

    Supporting document requirements

    • Are you receiving Austudy, ABSTUDY or Youth Allowance to study?
    • Are you receiving a taxable bonded scholarship?
    • Are you employed full time, part-time or casually?
    • When did you start your employment?
    • Have you changed your position (to a new employer or new position with the same employer) while undertaking the study?
    • If you have not changed your position, provide a detailed list of the duties you are required to undertake in your employment
    • If you have changed your position, tell us
      • when you ceased your previous employment
      • when you started the new position
      • details of the duties of each position you have held while undertaking the study
    • Why are you undertaking the course?
    • How does the course directly relate to your employment position?
    • Details of the course you are undertaking, including
      • the name of the course
      • the subjects you are required to complete
      • the name of the organisation offering the course
    • What date did you commence the course?
    • What date will you complete the course?
    • A description of the expenses you have incurred and will incur (including non-deductible expenses) in relation to your study (for example, text books, stationary and fees). Provide details of the cost and the date of payment, or invoicing, for each of the expenses)
    • Are you required to pay course fees? If yes, tell us
      • are you paying for the course fees using the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP)? If yes, tell us
      • the details of the loan
    • Are you receiving an allowance or are you being reimbursed by anyone for expenses incurred in relation to your study? If yes, tell us
      • how much you receive
      • whether you receive it for a specific purpose (for example, to pay for text books only)
      • who pays you the money
    • Does your employer encourage you to undertake the course?
    • How do they encourage you (for example, paid leave, allowances and/or rewards and bonuses)?
    • Do you study during your own time or during work time?
    • Does your employer give you study leave?

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