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  • Reshaping private advice

    We are reshaping our private advice services. We aim to provide you with advice and guidance, making it easy to get things right and hard to get them wrong.

    Changes we've implemented so far include:

    Extending our early engagement for advice

    We've extended our early engagement for advice services to all business and individual clients. We encourage you to get in touch with us as soon as possible if you're considering applying for advice on a complex tax or superannuation transaction. This allows us to understand your circumstances and identify any issues or concerns.

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    Streamlining private ruling applications

    We've updated our private ruling application form to recognise the significant skill of our clients and intermediaries. It allows you to lodge private ruling applications in our accepted style and format, with our guidance. It also helps our technical experts get straight into interpreting the matter, meaning we can respond to requests more efficiently.

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    Focusing on you

    The objective of our reshaped private advice is to help you get things right. We're equipping our staff with the tools and skills they need to deliver practical tailored advice to you in a straightforward and timely way.

    Continuing professional development and improving our service

    We're continuing to improve our private advice processes and develop tools to assist you. We've introduced the ATO Technical Specialisation Directory to help connect and ensure staff have access to technical specialists when they need. This means that we'll be able to continuously improve and provide timely advice to you.

    We will continue to implement initiatives that provide tailored and timely private advice, delivering them in a contemporary manner.

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