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  • How we help you

    Our website can help you find out what you need to know and do, including a range of self-help tools, calculators and videosExternal Link.

    You can receive personal assistance through our phone services or ATO shopfronts.

    We will help you to correct mistakes or resolve issues such as if you can’t pay your tax debt or you have outstanding tax returns.

    Follow the links below for specific ways we are helping:


    If you are an individual taxpayer we will:

    See also:

    Small businesses

    If you run a small business we will:

    • keep you up to date with new services and changes that might affect you (visit our small business newsroom and subscribe to this service)
    • provide you with services and tools such as: 
      • digital services so you can view, lodge, vary and pay online, including services that enable you to use software that interacts directly with ATO systems
      • our ATO app which can help you manage your tax obligations, such as setting reminders for key dates, keeping track of your expenses, and the Business Performance Check tool which allows you to compare your performance against similar businesses
      • self-help tools such as small business assistExternal Link and the GST property tool
      • calculators such as the tax withheld calculators (also available in the ATO app), the fuel tax credit tools and the superannuation guarantee calculator
      • the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House, which is a free, online payment service to help you meet your super guarantee obligations
      • help with paying your tax debt, including our automated phone service to set up a payment plan
      • guidance to help you prepare for changes – such as SuperStream webinars, after hours assistance via web chat or call-backs, tip sheets, and a wide range of self-help and public information videosExternal Link
      • community conversations – we are visiting regional areas to meet and talk with small business operators about how we can help them meet their tax and super obligations.

    Privately owned and wealthy groups

    If you are a privately owned and wealthy group we will:

    • provide you with tailored services that are timely, efficient and sensitive to the impact on the group's business and affairs, based on our understanding of your risk position, circumstances, choices and behaviours
    • help you to:    

    More information about the services we offer is available here.

    Publicly listed businesses

    If you are a publicly listed business we will:

    • provide you access to senior ATO officers to ensure issues are addressed faster
    • understand the key tax risks and technical issues you face by regularly interacting with our largest taxpayers and key accounting firms
    • help you evaluate your governance framework and strategic and operational tax risks and to develop your own tax governance framework using the tax governance guide
    • offer access to a dedicated expert account manager to provide oversight of all tax matters.

    More information about the services we offer is available here.

    Not-for-profit organisations

    If you are a not-for-profit organisation we will:

    • provide you with up-to-date, specific information on our website and through our Non-profit News Service to help you better understand and manage your obligations
    • provide you with access to a dedicated phone service – 1300 130 248
    • help you to manage changes in key administrators, office bearers or employees - see our Handover checklist: not-for-profit administrators.

    Super funds

    If you are a self-managed super fund we will:

    If you are an approved SMSF auditor we will:

    If you are an APRA regulated fund we will:

    • provide you with a diagnostic report, available through the Business Portal or email
    • offer a number of services and access to information such as: 
      • validation services including SuperTICK and the Fund Validation Service
      • facts sheets and Super Match2 (an electronic search facility to provide you with information that you need to know about your members)
      • tax file number (TFN) matching where a member contribution statement (MCS) or an amended MCS is lodged with an incorrect or incomplete tax file number
      • SuperStream information specific to APRA funds.

    Excise payers

    If you are an excise payer we will:

    • help you to understand your rights and obligations
    • put in place all necessary excise licences and permissions as soon as we can to allow you to get on with business
    • let you know when rates change to allow maximum time to alter systems and pricing.

    Tax professionals

    If you are a tax professional we will:

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