Step by step guide to capital gains

An outline of the steps required to complete capital gains tax (CGT) labels on a company, trust or fund tax return.


The completion of the CGT labels on your entity’s tax return involves a:

  • three-step process for entities with capital gains or capital losses under the $10,000 threshold, or
  • four-step process for companies, trusts or funds with capital gains or capital losses over the $10,000 threshold.

Step 1 - Calculate a capital gain or capital loss for each CGT event that happens during the income year using the Capital gain or capital loss worksheet.

Step 2 - Calculate the net capital gain or net capital loss for the income year using the CGT summary worksheet.

Step 3 - Complete the capital gains item on your entity’s tax return.

Step 4 - If required, complete a CGT schedule.

    Last modified: 21 Jun 2016QC 16983