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    ELS2SBR Project - Update

    To provide members with details of the progress of the ELS2SBR Project

    The ELS2SBR Project presented to the BASAAG in June 2012 describing ELS and SBR current and proposed future state.

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    Impact on clients:
    Tax Agents will be affected with the transition away from ELS, but as a Tax Professional, BAS Agents will see some changes in functionality when using their software packages.

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    Has this issue been discussed at any other ato consultative forum?
    EAWG (now disbanded)

    ATPF (now ATPAG)

    Presentation information:
    Graham King will provide a presentation on the day of the meeting.

    Meeting Discussion

    Standard Business Reporting (SBR) is a whole of government solution that uses a common computer language. It allows users to send information and reports to a range of government agencies directly from their software package.

    SBR provides BAS agents with greater accuracy, efficiency and certainty when dealing with government.

    BAS agents can already submit activity statements and taxable payments annual reports from SBR software. Work is underway to expand the features and functions available to BAS agents. From July 2014 agents will be able to add, delete and update clients’ details from SBR-enabled software packages.

    Some BAS agents may need to prepare their practice to take advantage of SBR:

    • get an AUSkey (though most will already have one)
    • ensure they are authorised to lodge on behalf of their clients (to enable them to utilise pre-fill functionality)
    • ensure their preferred software package is SBR enabled.

    The ATO has been consulting with tax practitioners and software providers on the best way for tax professionals to interact with the ATO. We will advise BAS agents about their changing environment and experience, giving them time to contact their software providers about any changes to their practices and processes.

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