• 5. eInvoicing

    An introduction briefing was provided by Matthew Addison of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers on behalf of the Digital Business Council on the project of ‘eInvoicing’.

    The key messages from the update were:

    • eInvoicing is the exchange of invoice related documents between a supplier and a buyer in an integrated electronic format
    • It allows software to talk to software, is more efficient than traditional paper invoice processing and provides businesses with the ability to transact seamlessly using a common Australian framework of standards
    • It is an industry led initiative that receives support from the Australian Government through the Australian Business Register. This support includes secretariat resources and subject matter expertise
    • The establishment of a national framework of standards and interoperability agreements for eInvoicing will create certainty in the market, make it cheaper and easier for all businesses to adopt, provide a seamless system for all businesses to use, will be voluntary and will give software developers the confidence to produce eInvoicing integrated software
    • It is a significant piece of work involving an industry-led Digital Business Council. The Council oversees the creation of the Australian national framework of standards, is industry driven, consists of peak industry bodies, technology providers, Government Agencies and is co-Chaired by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Council of Small Business Australia.

    BAS Agent Association Group members were invited to contact Matthew directly should they require further information.

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