SIRN minutes 20 October 2014

Key messages

The Superannuation Industry Relationship Network (SIRN) recently hosted a co-design workshop to gain industry insights and seek input as to what industry would like the future experience of SMSFs and super intermediaries in interacting with the ATO (and Government more broadly) to be. The network met in Sydney on 20 October 2014 with 16 attendees from Industry and 9 from the ATO.


The purpose of this SIRN was to provide an opportunity for participants to put forward any concerns from an intermediary perspective about their clients’ or members’ current interactions with the ATO. It is also an opportunity to put forward ideas on how these interactions may be improved in the future.


The group actively discussed current interactions with the ATO from an SMSF perspective and identified positive interactions, issues and irritants, with opportunities for improvement. The main focus area for irritants was in the contributions and rollovers phase of the SMSF lifecycle.


Following Industry feedback the ATO will now co-design, with Industry, an approach to improve the user experience and closely align with the principles of the ATO’s reinvention strategy.

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An issues and irritants document that outlines the discussion from the meeting is available for download. Download SMSF lifecycle – what is working, what isn't and suggestions for improvements?This link will download a fileThis link will download a file (PDF, 366 KB)

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Meeting closed 12.30pm.


Sky May (facilitator)


Mathew Bambrick


Karen Foat


Chris Denney


Mary Simmons


Nadia Alfonsi


Elissa Cooke


Catherine Barrett/Alex Powell (secretariat)


David Haynes


Paul Rafton

BDO Australia Limited

Marius Wentzel

BT Financial Group

Meaghan Unsworth

BT Financial Group

Michael Davison

CPA Australia

Liz Westover


Claire Mackay

Quantum Financial Services Australia

Rob Jeremiah

Small Independent Superannuation Funds Association (SISFA)

Bruce Foy

SMSF Owners’ Alliance

Susan Orchard Susan (via phone)

Orchard Chartered Accountants

Graeme Colley


Meg Heffron

Heffron SMSF Solutions

Mike Dennis

Class Super

Angela Gelonesi

BT Financials

Kathy Taylor Hofmann


Shane Ellis

SMSF Law Equity Protect / Shane Ellise legal group

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