• 10. Independent Review Function

    • Anne Edwards provided members with an update on the implementation of the independent review of Statements of Audit Position for Large Market (Public Groups and International) taxpayers.
    • A post-implementation review of the Independent Review function was conducted earlier this year. One recommendation was to retain the escalation process to Chief Tax Counsel (CTC) where the issues in the review raise a significant question of law. Escalation will be direct to the CTC by First Assistant Commissioner, Review and Dispute Resolution. It is also agreed that there is some limited flexibility for reviewers to accept additional clarifying material.
    • It is important that the reviews be conducted within the 12 week timeframe allowed and that both the perception and reality of independence be observed. Where a review is put on hold (for example to accommodate the provision of clarifying information), the period of extension will be agreed by both the ATO and the taxpayer.
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