• 3. Lodgment program on-time performance letters

    Meeting discussion

    The on-time performance letters were tabled for co design. It was noted by the Chair that these letters need re design and once the Lodgment Working Group feedback is captured, the letters will be reviewed by the ATO business letter design area.

    Some of the key design changes include:

    • removal of the word ‘fail’ as it does not encourage continued improvement.
    • inclusion of specific links to the on-time performance calculation and what the performance ranges mean in terms of potential approaches from the ATO.
    • removal of the term ‘similar sized practices’ and replace with comparison against the practices’ previous on-time performance. Attendees noted that the practitioner community is not a homogeneous group and therefore it does not make sense to provide comparisons based on client numbers/bases alone.


    LWG 0810/04

    Agenda Topic

    Lodgment Program on-time performance letters

    Action item

    Updated letters to be tabled at the next meeting.


    Vlad Dugandzic

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