• 4. Lodgment deferrals

    Meeting discussion

    Attendees were provided a demonstration of the new deferrals form, which has been co designed with practitioners. The intent of the new form is to provide a more seamless approach for practitioners and for ATO staff processing deferral requests.

    Attendees noted that the ‘reasons for needing a deferral’ needs to be updated (refer to the above discussions on clients with multiple year returns outstanding). The new form will include a ‘tick box’ enabling agents to inform the ATO that they are managing a new/re engaged client with multiple prior year returns overdue.

    The form will be re sent to members for further input and to undertake final user testing prior to deployment on the ATO website.

    Post meeting response


    LWG 0810/05

    Agenda Topic

    Lodgment deferrals

    Action item

    Issue the new deferrals form for further co design opportunity with LWG practitioner members.



    Deferrals form issued to LWG members on 22 October 2014 for feedback.

    Practitioner members participated in final user testing of the new form(20 November to 22 November 2014)


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