Working together during the independent review process

The independent review brings all parties together with a view to discussing and resolving factual and technical disagreements. During the independent review process all parties must agree to:

  • participate in a case conference with the independent reviewer; this helps the independent reviewer fully understand the facts and technical issues, and provides an opportunity for the reviewer to ask questions in order to clarify issues
  • have ongoing, open and frank discussions
  • meet timeframes as set out in the independent review case plan
  • consent to extend the amendment period if needed.

You can expect to receive regular progress updates during the independent review process. You will also receive written recommendations on the outcome of the independent review.

Maintaining the independence of the independent review process

We are committed to ensuring the actual and the apparent independence of our processes. We ask that participants refrain from contacting the independent reviewer to discuss the merits of their technical position – these discussions should be reserved for the case conference. We also ask that you not to attempt to introduce new material during any phase of the independent review process. The same protocols apply us.

The independent reviewer will obtain the documents relevant to the Statement of Audit Position from the audit team and will not consider any document that has not been provided or cannot be provided to you.

If the independent reviewer requires further information from either party both parties will be advised and where relevant, will have an opportunity to comment.

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