• Complaints

    We handle all complaints in accordance with the Taxpayers' Charter.

    We offer a variety of channels to lodge complaints, including a dedicated phone hotline 1800 199 010 and an online complaints form. We also give access to a network of complaints resolvers across all business areas of the ATO.

    If a complaint is upheld, we apologise as part of the resolution of the complaint.

    A dedicated team of our case managers deal independently with more difficult complaints, including those that are escalated by business areas. We also have an Ombudsman Liaison Unit to manage our relationship with the Commonwealth Ombudsman's office, including any investigations they refer to us.

    We have corporate and business area quality assurance processes for complaints including Ombudsman interactions.

    We use the ATO Professionalism Survey to do both of the following:

    • measure community perceptions of our complaints handling process
    • monitor and report on performance against service standards and other aspects of complaints handling, such as trend information, feedback, and systemic or recurring issues.
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