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  • 2 Debt disputes

    Debt disputes are not about how much tax you have to pay, but about how to pay - including if deferred payment or payment by instalments is an option.

    We have an obligation to collect all money legally owed to the Commonwealth, therefore we usually cannot accept less than the full amount.

    If your debt reaches the formal debt recovery stage involving legal action, we will continue to consider suitable processes, including dispute resolution processes to resolve the issue prior to, and potentially during, litigation.

    Disputes relating to debt matters, include:

    • legal action to recover a tax liability – see our Guide to managing your tax debt
    • legal action to recover director penalties – see Firmer action approach to debt collection
    • insolvency proceedings (including bankruptcy and winding up action)
    • actions in relation to an unfair preference or other voidable transaction, or where the Commissioner seeks an indemnity from a company director - see preference payments for individuals and preference payments for companies.

    Debt dispute process

    Debt dispute process

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