• Product stewardship for oil program benefit – objections

    We need specific documents and information to process objections about product stewardship for oil program benefit.

    Providing this information up front will reduce delays.

    To lodge an objection about a product stewardship for oil program benefit, you'll need to:

    • complete and submit the relevant objection form (for taxpayers or tax professionals)
    • provide the supporting information listed below.

    Supporting information

    If you have previously given us any of the information listed below, you don't need to resend it.

    The information we need includes:

    • a complete description of the processes involved in the recycling and the specifications of the recycled product
    • for a category 1 product – a copy of the verification issued by the accredited laboratory relevant to the product that is the subject of the objection
    • for an additional benefit – documents that evidence the sale or consumption of the category 5 and/or 6 product that is the subject of the objection.

    Next step:

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