• Supporting document requirements for objections

    This page lists the documents and information we usually need to process objections about the subject displayed.


    Please send the documents and information listed with your objection form.
    Disregard the documents and information on this page that you have previously provided.

    End of attention

    Undeducted purchase price (UPP) - foreign source pensions


    Your name, address and tax file number.


    Your date of birth.


    Do you receive an Italian Government pension?

    • If yes, please send copies of your Article 17 letters with your objection form.

    Please answer the following questions if you:

    • answered 'No' to question 3, or
    • answered 'yes' but have other foreign income in addition to any of the above pensions,


    What is the name of the fund or company paying your pension or annuity?


    On what date did your pension or annuity first start to be paid?

    Give the first day of the first payment period of the pension (for example, for a pension paid monthly from March 20 1999 for the four weeks before the first payment, the date the pension first became payable would be 20 February 1999).


    What is the exact amount of personal contributions you paid into your pension fund, in the original currency that the contributions were made (do not include accrued interest or employer contributions)?


    Provide documents in English from your pension or annuity provider that confirms the amount of your personal contributions in question 10 above.


    Do you receive a German pension?

    • If yes, send your insurance resume (Verisicherungsgerlauf).


    Do you receive an Austrian pension?

    • If yes, send a copy of the Calculation of Assessment Basis statement.


    Did you receive a lump sum payment from your pension provider when you retired/commenced your pension?

    If yes, please provide:

    • the amount of the lump sum payment you received from your fund, and
    • the value of your pension entitlement (also known as the transfer value or cash equivalent transfer value), the day before you received your lump sum benefit. Your pension provider should be able to give you this information.


    If you commenced your pension before you came to Australia, provide the date you became an Australian resident for taxation purposes.


    Is your pension payable for a set period of time (a fixed term pension)?

    If yes:

    • How long is the pension term or period?
    • Will you be entitled to receive a lump sum when the term expires?
    • If you will, state the amount of the lump sum.


    Is your pension a reversionary pension?

    • If yes, provide the name, date of birth and gender of the person who will receive the pension following your death.

    [A reversionary pension is one that reverts, or is payable, to your partner or another person after your death.]


    Did you receive your pension following the death of your partner or another person?

    • If yes, provide the name, date of birth and tax file number (if known) of the deceased.


    Is another person entitled to a share of your pension?

    • If yes, state the percentage of your pension that is payable to the other person.
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