• Residency - arriving in Australia

    Private rulings and objections

    This page lists the documents and information we usually need to process private rulings and objections.

    Please send the following documents and information with your:

    Disregard the documents and information on this page that you have previously provided.

    Supporting document requirements

    • What country are you a citizen of - if more than one, which countries?
    • What is your country of origin? This will be the country you were living in on a permanent basis prior to coming to Australia
    • List where you lived in the five years prior to your arrival in Australia (the town or country)
    • What date did you arrive in Australia?
    • Did you enter Australia on a Special Category Visa - an electronic visa (subclass 444) issued to New Zealand citizens arriving on a New Zealand passport? If you answer yes, you do not need to answer the next five questions
    • What type of visa were you granted to enter Australia?
    • Does the visa allow you to stay permanently?
    • On what date did you enter Australia under the visa?
    • Have you applied to have the end date of your visa extended? If yes, provide details about whether it has been granted, refused, still pending, why it was requested and the date when an extension was requested
    • Since your arrival in Australia, have you applied for permanent residency? If yes, provide a copy of your application and a copy of the Department of Immigration's acknowledgement letter
    • What was the purpose of your visit?
    • What were your residency intentions - did you intend to reside in Australia permanently?
    • When do you plan to leave Australia?
    • Do you hold a return airline ticket? If yes, provide a copy
    • Have you left Australia for any period since first arriving in Australia? If yes, provide
      • the dates of departure from and arrival back in Australia
      • an explanation of the purpose of the overseas visit?
      • copies of passport showing entry and exit stamps
    • Have you previously entered Australia? If yes, when was that, how long did you stay and what visa type were you on?
    • Did you have a permanent place to live in Australia?
    • Provide details of where you were living, and whether you were staying with relatives or friends, were renting or purchased a home. Provide the exact street address and evidence of this residency with your name and the address on it (for example, the lease agreement)
    • What assets did/do you have in Australia (for example, investments, property or bank accounts)? Provide details of assets held
    • What were your living arrangements in your country of origin (for example, were you renting, staying with relatives or friends or had you purchased a house)?
    • While in Australia did/do you maintain a permanent place to live in your country of origin? If so, was/is this being rented out while you were residing in Australia?
    • What assets do you have in your country of origin (for example, investments, property, motor vehicles, household effects or bank accounts)? Provide details of assets held
    • Are you receiving income from non-Australian sources - for example, your country of origin? If yes, provide details
    • Did/do you have employment in Australia? If yes
      • What was/is the employer's name?
      • What type of work was/is performed?
      • How long was/is your employment for?
      • Could the employment be extended and, if yes, for how long?
    • Do you still have a position or job being held for you in your country of origin? If so, provide details
    • Did your family (children, spouse, partner) accompany you to Australia? If yes
      • Which family members?
      • What were their ages?
      • Where were they living while in Australia?
    • If your family did not accompany you to Australia, explain why
    • What social and sporting connections did/do you have with Australia? Provide details
    • What social and sporting connections did you maintain with your country of origin? Provide details
    • Were you a resident of another country for tax purposes during your stay in Australia?
    • Are you and/or your spouse a Commonwealth of Australia Government employee for superannuation (super) purposes? If yes, provide the following details
      • the dates of the employment periods
      • the type of employment
      • the name of the super funds you and/or your spouse were a member of
    • Are you enrolled in a course of study in Australia that is more than six months long? If yes, provide details such as course registration

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