• Supporting document requirements for objections

    Please send the following documents and information with your objection.

    Tax shortfall penalty

    • How the shortfall occurred and what controls you had in place to prevent it.
    • What records you maintained.
    • Why you think the tax shortfall penalty should not apply or should be reduced.
    • Whether you checked the correct tax treatment for the transaction(s) that caused the tax shortfall.
    • Whether you sought advice about the correct tax treatment, and if yes:
      • What was the source of the advice?
      • Why you think it was reasonable for you to rely on this advice?
    • When you first became aware of the error, and if this was only when advised by the Tax Office, why you did not become aware earlier.
    • If the tax shortfall was for goods and services tax:
      • Who prepared the Business activity statement or the information lodged?
      • What was their experience?
    • Any additional information to support your claim.
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