• School Education Program

    We are committed to working with teachers and parents to educate students about tax and superannuation.

    The School Education Program, previously known as the TFN program, helps prepare students to enter and interact with the tax and superannuation systems by teaching the following in an engaging way:

    • how the Australian tax and super systems work
    • the benefits to the community
    • the role Australians play in supporting these systems.

    We offer free ATO-facilitated presentations to students and teachers either at your school or via webinar and is open to all schools and at all year levels.

    Our updated teaching resource Tax Super + You mapped to the Australian Curriculum.

    Tax, Super + You



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    Tax, Super + YouExternal Link is a free, easy to use, online educational resource.

    It is a complete learning management system that is aligned to the Australian curriculum. It can be used by:

    • students – to learn at a pace suited to their learning style and ability
    • teachers – to assign the resource as an extra-curricular activity.

    Key features include:

    • in-built assessments and a record of students' achievements and progress, reducing teacher administration
    • teaching notes and lesson plans for teachers to help prepare and deliver classes
    • fun, animated, visual, interactive elements designed to appeal to students
    • customisable modules and activities
    • printable teacher resources and activities.

    The Tax, Super + You resource is divided into four modules:

    • Tax 101: understanding tax – introduces students to the Australian tax system. It addresses the who, what, how and why of tax, the budget and how tax is spent.
    • Your tax – introduces personal tax topics like when you need to pay tax, how much tax to pay, and completing your tax return.
    • Business tax – covers basic business tax concepts for students studying subjects like Commerce and Economics. It looks at what is a business, business structures and the types of taxes business pay.
    • Super – explains the Australian superannuation (super) system and how super helps you save for your future.

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    Remember ABNs are for businesses

    Students are often incorrectly told by employers to apply for an ABN when they are actually an employee. If they do, they will be missing out on entitlements such as award pay rates, work cover, superannuation and leave.

    Students do not need an ABN if they’re working for a business that is not their own, at set hours or under the direction of a boss.

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    In-school presentations

    Previously known as the TFN program, we can deliver a presentation to students or staff on request. These free presentations cover a range of topics including:

    • understanding the tax and super systems
    • how to apply for a tax file number
    • how to complete and lodge tax returns
    • how to use our Tax, Super + You teaching resource.

    We can also tailor the presentations to your needs.

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    Our expert staff can conduct interactive webinars about tax and super for students or school staff. These webinars have a number of benefits, such as:

    • you can participate using a computer, smart phone or tablet
    • you can attend from the convenience of your classroom, or any venue with an internet connection
    • a question facility enabling you to put questions to the presenter.

    The free webinars cover a range of topics, including:

    • an introduction to the tax and super systems
    • preparing to enter the workforce or study
    • how to get a tax file number
    • how to complete and lodge tax returns
    • how to use our Tax, Super + You teaching resource.

    We can also tailor our presentations to your needs on request.

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