ESS: Market value of listed shares and stapled securities


This document will help you calculate the market value of listed shares and stapled securities acquired by an employee under an employee share scheme (ESS) after 30 June 2009, in particular circumstances.

As this document applies in the same way to stapled securities as it does to shares, when we refer to shares, we also mean stapled securities.

The circumstances covered in this document are:

This document also applies to qualifying shares acquired by an employee before 1 July 2009 if:

  • the employee did not elect to be taxed in the year when the shares were acquired
  • a cessation time has not happened to the shares before 1 July 2009.

For information on shares, stapled securities or rights acquired before 1 July 2009, see ESS interests with a taxing point before 1 July 2009.

    Last modified: 01 Jul 2015QC 27239