• 21.2 Logbook and odometer records



    This section is relevant only to the first method described in section 21.1.

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    In a logbook year, both logbook records and odometer records must be maintained by, or on behalf of, the employee. In a year that is not a logbook year, odometer records must be maintained.

    A year is a logbook year if:

    • none of the previous four years were a logbook FBT year for that car (for example, when a car is first used for business or employment-related purposes)
    • you elect to treat the year as a logbook year (for example, to monitor the percentage of business travel), or
    • the Commissioner of Taxation, by written notice, requires you to treat the year as a logbook year.

    The logbook records contain a record of business use and are usually maintained for a 12-week period. The odometer records are a record of the total distance travelled during the same 12 weeks that the logbook records are maintained, and also of the total distance travelled in each year.

    You should maintain records of additional information, such as the car's make, model, registration number and percentage of business use, as part of your business records.

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