• 21.4 Information to be recorded in logbook records



    This section is relevant only to the first method described in section 21.1.

    End of attention

    We don't produce an official logbook. You are entitled to keep records of your own design, or to purchase one of the many commercial products available. However, the following details must be entered in the logbook for each business journey:

    • the date(s) on which the journey began and ended
    • the odometer readings at the start and end of each journey
    • the kilometres travelled
    • the purpose of the journey.

    The logbook records must be in English and entries must be made at the end of the trip or as soon as reasonably practicable afterwards.

    Where two or more business trips are undertaken consecutively on any day, only one entry for the series needs to be recorded in the logbook. For example, an entry for a salesman who called on 10 customers while working in the Bathurst-Orange area of New South Wales could record the odometer readings at the start and end of the consecutive journeys and describe the purpose of the travel as '10 customer calls, Bathurst-Orange area'.

    The period during which the logbook was kept must be specified in the logbook at the end of the logbook period.

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