• 21.5 Information to be recorded in odometer records



    This section is relevant only to the first method described in section 21.1.

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    Odometer records are a record of the total kilometres travelled by the car during the FBT year or, if the car was not used to provide fringe benefits for the whole year, for that part of the year when it was used for this purpose.

    Odometer records should also be kept for the same period for which a logbook is kept.

    We don't produce an official odometer record. You are entitled to keep records of your own design, or to purchase one of the many commercial products available. However, the following details must be entered in the odometer records for the beginning of each period (that is, year, part-year or logbook period) and also for the end of each period:

    • the date the period began, or ended, as the case may be
    • the odometer reading at the start of the period, or at the end of the period, as the case may be.

    The odometer records must be in English, and the entries should be made at the times the readings relate to, or as soon as reasonably practicable afterwards.

    If you replace a car during the year and transfer the business percentage to the new car, the odometer records must also include an entry showing odometer readings for the replaced car and the new car on the replacement date.

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