• Primary legislative references

    The FBT legislation was enacted in a package of the following four acts that were passed by Parliament in 1986.

    1. Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986: establishes the rules for assessing and collecting the tax. Most of the information in the guide relates to the legislation contained in this Act. The Act is quite separate from the income tax assessment acts.
    2. Fringe Benefits Tax Act 1986: imposes tax on the taxable value of fringe benefits. Any change to the rate of tax is effected by amending this Act.
    3. Fringe Benefits Tax (Application to the Commonwealth) Act 1986: ensures that the FBT legislation also applies to Australian Government authorities and departments.
    4. Fringe Benefits Tax (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1986: amended the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 so that employees would not be liable for income tax on any fringe benefits received. This Act is available on the ComLaw website.
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