• 18.2 When a benefit is received

    As a general rule, residual fringe benefits are treated as having been received when, or over the period during which, the particular benefits are provided. For example, where a benefit consists of a licence to use particular property for six months, the benefit is treated as having been received over that period.

    An exception to this applies where you provide the benefits in return for regular payments, generally on receipt of a periodic account. Where you provide benefits (such as discounted services) to an employee on the basis of regular billing, and you provide identical services to members of the public on the same basis, the services provided during each period are treated as a benefit provided when the periodic payment is due. For example, if electricity is supplied at a concessional rate on the basis of quarterly billing, the benefit is taken to have arisen for each quarter at the relevant billing due date.

      Last modified: 15 Apr 2015QC 17817