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  • Commonwealth Ombudsman

    During 2010-11, the Commonwealth Ombudsman did not complete any own motion investigations relating to the ATO. One report was issued under section 15 of the Ombudsman Act 1976. The complete report is available at

    TABLE 7.9: Commonwealth Ombudsman reports, 2010-11



    Resolving Tax File Number Compromise

    The Commonwealth Ombudsman report regarding our administration relating to taxpayers whose tax file numbers (TFNs) have been compromised, expressed concerns about how we handled complaints about compromised TFNs.

    The report made five recommendations and we implemented all of them. They are:

    • review our systems and oversight for identifying and responding to TFN compromise and consider ways to improve outcomes for affected taxpayers, including giving greater priority to investigation of cases involving recurrent TFN fraud or involving multiple taxpayers
    • review known TFN compromise cases, with a view to ensuring that these are adequately resolved in a timely way
    • ensure that we have adequate policy to support identification and resolution of TFN compromise cases
    • provide general advice to taxpayers on our website about how to address problems with TFN compromise or errors in information matching
    • improve our communication with taxpayers affected by TFN compromise.
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