Key performance indicators

Key performance indicators

Design and build administrative services to support government, the community and other agencies

Progress new administrative solutions to support taxation and superannuation administration.

Reduce legal risks and increase certainty through ATO views.

Manage the ATO's commitments to governments and other agencies.

Provide strategies to make it easy and as cheap as possible for people to meet their obligations

Progress new services that support service delivery.

Maintain acceptable service standards.

Maintain quality and practical means of assistance.

Optimise debt collection for the current environment.

Implement compliance strategies to support those willing to participate, who may need assistance, and deal firmly with those not willing to comply

Products, services and tools are available to help people meet their obligations.

Issue advice and practical guidance that assists people to meet their obligations.

Reduce non-compliant behaviours through deterring, detecting and dealing with taxpayers not willing to comply.

Establish the nature and extent of non-compliant behaviour and, where appropriate, apply penalties and prosecute.

Australian Business Register

Progress new services that support whole-of-government projects.

Increase agency awareness and engagement.

Improve integrity of the ABR data.

Maintain acceptable service standards.

Australian Valuation Office

Progress new services that support delivery of valuation services and policy advice.

Maintain acceptable service standards.

Strengthen relationships and satisfaction with key clients.

Improve governance and reporting processes.

Improve quality of valuation services.

Administered programs

Successful delivery of the bad and doubtful debts and remissions administered program in accordance with ATO policy and legislation.

Successful delivery of the interest on overpayments and early payments of tax administered program by paying interest entitlements in accordance with the law.

Successful delivery of all administered programs by making payments in accordance with the law.

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