Data matching

This year we received and data matched over 539 million transactions for purposes of both assistance and enforcement.

In 2010-11 we received:

  • 238 million share ownership and disposal transactions
  • 97 million investment, employment and health transactions
  • 42 million Australian Electoral Commission transactions
  • 29 million superannuation transactions
  • 25 million property ownership and disposal transactions
  • 12 million Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre transactions
  • 449,000 employee share schemes transactions
  • 93 million other transactions

Data matching pie chart

We use this data to:

  • provide pre-filling information to taxpayers and their agents to help them correctly complete their income tax return first time
  • identify discrepancies between information reported by taxpayers in their tax returns against details reported by third parties
  • identify particular non-compliant behaviour within selected target groups, or to conduct risk assessments
  • assist in administration of the relevant legislation with other government departments through data exchange
  • exchange with treaty partners.

The types of data we focus on includes:

  • investment income including interest, dividends and unit trust distributions
  • employment and welfare income
  • foreign sourced income
  • capital gains tax, such as the disposal of property and shares
  • health insurance policies for Medicare surcharge levy purposes and private health insurance rebate claims
  • eligibility for tax offsets and the Medicare levy exemption
  • employee share schemes income.

2010-11 results

Revenue raised from matching activities included:

  • $690 million from ensuring employers met their obligations
  • $351 million from omitted investment, employment and benefits income and over claimed offsets
  • $129 million in capital gains tax from the disposal of shares and property
  • $118 million liabilities from employee share schemes
  • $18.8 million from partnerships and trusts.
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