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  • About this report

    This is the Commissioner of Taxation's report to parliament on the performance of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) in 2010-11.

    It reports on our performance against our outcome, deliverables and key performance indicators as outlined in the Portfolio Budget Statements. The report is prepared in accordance with the Requirements for annual reports, issued by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and approved by the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit.

    About us

    This includes information about our role, vision, outcome, programs, Ministers and executive arrangements.

    Year in review

    Part 1 includes the Commissioner's reflections on the year, our highlights and challenges, the health of the system, and our direction for the year ahead.

    Corporate governance

    Part 2 details our governance arrangements and how they enable us to guide our performance to ensure we achieve our outcomes.


    Part 3 discusses our performance against service standards, what our surveys tell us and how we work to support and contribute to the community.

    Report on performance

    Part 4 is our report on performance against our program of work, including our achievements against our key performance indicators and deliverables.

    External scrutiny

    Part 5 outlines our external scrutiny arrangements and how they help us remain open and accountable.

    Using our resources effectively

    Part 6 details how we manage our workforce, our finances and information technology. It provides key statistics for each of these areas.


    Part 7 provides detail on aspects of our administration, including our performance in occupational health and safety, our freedom-of-information arrangements, a summary of reports by our scrutineers, a summary of significant court cases and a report on environmental performance.

    Financial statements

    Part 8 includes our audited and unqualified financial statements and a report by the Auditor-General.

    Reference material

    Part 9 includes supporting data, a list of tables and figures within the report, a glossary, abbreviations, and an alphabetical and compliance index.

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